Improper foods cause illness and disease.

Proper foods promote healing and cure disease.

Do you know the difference?

Some thoughts to ponder:

What is the best diet for me?

How do I prepare healthy meals?

Did this food come directly from nature?

How do I feel after eating this?

What do I represent when I eat this?

(healthfully, environmentally, spiritually, economically)

Real living nutrition has and will cure every illness and disease, most of the time.

I state “most of the time” because in some cases where a person has been eating poorly for years or has been subjected to vast amounts of heavy metals or chemicals, the illness or disease cannot be cured through nutrition because of the extensive damage to the body. However, nutrition is still of the utmost importance because it can help slow down or stop the progression of the illness and help the body enough so that the person can better manage the illness and live many more years.

With that said, my passion and conviction is guiding and teaching you how real living nutrition can change your life!

Dr. Henry Bieler

All of your thoughts and questions will be addressed according to your individual needs including your lifestyle, vocation, genetics, location, health issues, and other factors. Everyone has different needs and requirements when it comes to nutrition.

I will tailor fit the best nutrition plan for you.

As you know, health is a journey, a life long journey that incorporates not only nutrition, but relationships, physical fitness, mental activity, emotional expression, social gatherings, inner reflection and other aspects of life that complete the circle of health.

My main goal is to teach you about healthy nutrition, which I believe is the foundation from which all other aspects of health are built upon. I see nutrition as the springboard into other healthy endeavors. Once you begin to eat better and feel better, a domino effect begins, where you become more aware of life. You begin to realize how important healthy food, small farmers and local farmers markets are to our society. You begin to support companies that are cleaner and greener. You begin using natural skin care products and you throw away all the toxic chemical laden products in your house. You begin to see how you can make the world a better place for yourself and generations to follow. Yes, I know this sounds too simplistic, but think about it. What you eat has a huge effect on you and the entire world.
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