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Greg in incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition. He listened to my nutritional goals and responded by customizing a plan that addressed those objectives. I was struggling with ulcerative colitis for several months. Following his recommendations, I saw quick results with my digestion and felt remarkably better by improving my diet. 

Shannon McNamara

Greg helped me to reduce my cravings for sugar and too many starches and showed me the value of consuming lots of healthy fat. He even introduced me to the benefits of raw milk. Greg is very knowledgable and passionate about nutrition and I appreciate his expertise. 

Lottie Copper

Greg is voluminously knowledgeable about nutrition, a large and often controversial topic. Yet behind all that information, there is a good humored heart of genuine concern about the human race generally and individuals specifically. I highly recommend his services…

Eric Belsey

Greg was very honest and educated me on a large amount of nutritional information I was not aware of. I had severe skin rashes and was unable to eat meat and had stomach pains for years. All three of these issues have been resolved, and in such a short time! Additionally, he gave me tools to be healthy for the rest of my life and goals to work on for my health in the future. A service that never ends. 🙂 

Kasey Papineau

Greg is a big asset to both myself and many of my patients. His knowledge and experience far exceed all that I have worked with in the past. Thanks Greg!

Justin Willis

Greg helped me adopt real nutrition into my life. He taught me about healthy fats, the dangers of sugar and gluten and set a new course for me. So many diet fads have been proven unhealthy, and getting back to the basics – with Greg’s guidance – has been rewarding.

Tom Satriano

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Greg helped me to reduce my cravings for sugar and too many starches and showed me the value of consuming lots of healthy fat. He even introduced me to the benefits of raw milk. Greg is very knowledgable and passionate about nutrition and I appreciate his expertise. 

Paula Bishop

Graphic Designer, Bishop Design

Greg has changed my thinking about food vs. food-like substances and I find that it is a life-changing paradigm switch. I look at processed foods now and realize it isn’t worth the quick satisfaction of potato chips or French fries. I feel better when I make better choices and eat REAL food – things closer to Mother Earth. And I learned about healthy fat! Fat isn’t the villain. Good fat is essential to good health. I have more energy and that was my goal.

Marcia Carteret

Greg is very committed to his work and to helping people understand that what we eat is part of our healing process. One of the challenges in making positive life changes is that sometimes change feels really BIG. In working with my personal nutritional needs, Greg shared lots of helpful information with me, yet he kept his suggestions simple and manageable so that I could approach the changes with a sense of “I can do this!” I appreciate his ability to work with me as an individual and support me in becoming healthier.

Zach Comer

Massage Therapist

I experienced Greg to be a thoughtful and thorough holistic thinking nutritionist. His recommendations were easy to fit into my lifestyle and budget. He is a professional. I have recommended him to several friends and clients.  

Harriette Bugel


Greg is very knowledgeable plus he is compassionate & really cares about helping you. I learned so much from Greg & I thought I knew a lot from all of my own research. Greg will help you discern the truth through all of the misinformation out there to get you started on becoming a healthier you. I followed Greg’s advise for my digestion & weight loss/maintenance & it worked for me. I do feel better & that’s really what it’s all about. I have complete trust in Greg & his guidance & I highly recommend him. 

Renee DeClairo

I turned to Greg and he helped me discover the truth about the relationship between human health and animal foods. I am now a local, grass-fed, organic carnivore and I’ve never felt better or been healthier. I couldn’t have done this without the confidence and guidance Greg provided.

Tracey Oliveto

I came to Mr. Gillette when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2004. I had not even turned 40 yet and was in total shock that I had cancer! I was frantic as I tried to research as much as possible about the disease and what I could do to rid myself of it as I dreaded the thought of surgery.

As I researched, I kept coming across the importance of diet and nutrition and how it prevents or causes illness. I consulted with Mr. Gillette and learned so much about how to protect my body just by eating the right foods.

Although I elected to have surgery, I recovered quickly without the need for a lot of pharmaceutical drugs; just healthy affordable foods that to this day make me feel awake and alive.

I learned we are what we eat and thanks to Mr. Gillette I am more informed about nutrition and I feel great! And no more fears of cancer!

Jennifer Miller

I began consulting with Greg Gillette on nutrition in October of 2006.  At that time, I had been dealing with digestion problems, including ulcers, for a little over 20 years.  In addition, my immune system was fairly weakened and I “caught” every cold and stomach bug I was exposed to in my work in a public school system. 

Under Greg’s guidance I made two major changes in my diet as a starting point.  Within 3 weeks I had better digestive health than I had experienced in many years.  I continued with the diet changes and slowly added more changes as I saw the results.  An unexpected bonus to the changes was an effortless loss of 25 pounds and a significant lowering of triglyceride levels.  Today I am basically maintaining the diet changes with the result that I get sick only 1-2 times a year rather than multiple times. 

One of the things I appreciate about working with Greg is that he lives what he teaches and he lets his clients determine how much of his advice they will follow without making them feel guilty about their choices.  That makes it easy to return to him for follow-up advice and further consultation.

Connie Meadows

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