Greg Gillette, Nutritionist and Health Coach

It’s never too late to achieve awesome and amazing health! Just start with the first step on your journey to feeling wonderful, and the rest will fall into place.

Mission Statement

Bringing joy, awareness, fun, critical thinking, love and inspiration to all with whom I come in contact.

Vision Statement

Making a positive difference for others, the world and myself every day!
Greg Gillette, N.E., H.C.

Greg Gillette, N.E., H.C.

About Greg Gillette

Greg Gillette is passionate about holistic health and he is dedicated in helping others to achieve awesome and amazing health. Greg is a natural health warrior, nutritionist, health coach, wellness speaker, radio host, home based business consultant, and owner of Primal Radiance.

Greg has seen how disease and other health conditions can be improved and sometimes reversed with healing foods. He has a degree in herbal medicine from the New Mexico College of Natural Healing and a degree in holistic nutrition from Bauman College.

Greg has been in the natural health field for over 20 years with work in natural health food stores, an herbal medicine shop, a nutrition clinic, and in his private practice called Gillette Nutrition. Greg was inspired to join the natural health movement from the help he received from various natural health practitioners. Greg vastly improved his health, mainly digestive health and mental health and he is sharing his knowledge and passion with others that are suffering from poor health.

Greg opened the doors to Gillette Nutrition in 2009, and he offered in depth nutrition consultations that addressed a person’s background, genetics, past and current health history, past and current eating habits, exercise routine, drug and supplement usage and other factors.

In August 2017, Greg decided to close Gillette Nutrition, and in September 2017, his new vision opened Primal Radiance to bring Primal Living back into the world. His natural health offerings include his weekly radio show, his home based business consulting with NutriSail, wellness workshops/presentations for businesses and organizations, and health and wellness consultations.

As a home based business consultant, Greg helps people set up their own home business with NutriSail to start building a passive and residual income. Greg’s weekly radio show is called Primal Radiance and it airs every Thursday at 6pm (Mountain Time) onW4HC Radio, a part of Talk 4 Media.

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