Medication Testing

Medication Testing

Are you taking medications? Are you experiencing any side effects? Although I strive to get people off of pharmaceutical medications, there is a place for them. Some folks need them for an acute issue and some folks need them longer to due an accident, disease or a genetic issue. There are many side effects to medication and many folks have trouble metabolizing them. There is a way to find out if a medication or medications are being properly metabolized by your body. 

FixUrRX is the way to go with medication testing. Their Pharmacogenomic (PGx) test analyzes your DNA to identify how you respond to certain medications. Your DNA tells the story of how quickly or slowly your body metabolizes medications. When you take a drug, enzymes in your liver, intestines, and other tissues break down that drug. Your genes hold the blueprint that make these enzymes, several of which may be involved in the breakdown of any particular drug. How you metabolize medications will affect the following:

  • 1)how well the drug will work for you
  • 2) whether you may need a lower or higher dose
  • 3) whether you are likely to experience side effects (ADR – Adverse Drug Reaction) with certain drugs or classes of drugs

FixUrRX’s trained representatives will give you the tools to help the doctor learn your story of how your genes’ enzymes are breaking down your prescriptions medications (Poor, Intermediate, Normal, or Rapid).

We provide clients with the PGx test (It’s a simple cheek swab) and send it to our partner lab for processing.

Our billing department will send request for payment to Medicare or your insurance for you. Depending on your current conditions, your prescription medications and experience with side effects, insurance may pay the total cost of your test.

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